When someone searches for your business, what will they find?

Control the impression through your website, business directories (Google, Yelp, Whitepages etc.), social media, and video content.

Your website is your digital first impression.


By the time a prospect decides to call you, it’s likely that they’ve already made their decision. This is because before calling you, the modern customer will have already googled your business, looked through your website (or your competitor’s site if you do not have one), found your Facebook page, and will have also likely read through your business reviews on Google, Yelp, and all other directories you use.

Don’t hurt your business by not controling the impression your online presence gives, you won’t get a second chance at that first impression.


Here are some ways you can improve your first impression:

1) Having a high quality website.

2) Create and update various social media accounts (ESPECIALLY Facebook!).

3) Encourage people to review your business online.

If you address all of the questions and concerns your prospects may have in the content you produce or in the information you provide on your website, then by the time you get a call from that prospect they are already sold on your business. However, if you don’t make a strong first impression, that prospect will move on to your competitor and you will never get the chance to sell them on your services.

Grade your online presence.