In my time running Digital Faces there has been many clients that we’ve successfully serviced (even today) that I’ve met personally. Calls, text, emails and even Skype have been more than adequate to build an on going relationship and provide an exceptional service. However I never underestimate the power of a face to face meetings.

This message is for my generation (the millennials) but it also is a reminder to the generations before me. I just had 3 personal meetings this week and another one scheduled tomorrow. What I wear, my body language and my presentation played a part in these business owners decisions to hire us for marketing. Your prospects seeing your confidence and hunger for their business can make an incredible impression that a call or text couldn’t do.

You don’t know how many clients I’ve won even over more qualified companies just because the client said they saw the hunger I have and wanted to give me the opportunity.

So here are 2 things I would do:

1) Suggest A Personal Meeting if you are within 1 hour of the prospectperonal meet up

Did you get an online inquiry or a referral? If you got a hot lead, when you speak to them give them a good idea of what you could do for them but then suggest a personal meeting. In today’s world you don’t need an official office to do business. I’ve never got a client wanting to meet me in my office in the 3 years I’ve been in business, and it’s saved me tons on unnecessary overhead 😉 . You can meet them at their location or Starbucks (I love Panera Bread personally).

2) Check-in the location

A great way to market your own business is to check-in the location on Facebook and Instagram. Also if you have Snapchat take a picture there and use the local filter. Tag the prospect if you won their business or just check-in and let people know the meeting went great and even tag your business page. You’re putting your business name in front of people without selling them. Great strategy. I even get people commenting saying how great I’m doing and in-turn I get more prospects that way.

Personal meetings!


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