You ever notice when someone keeps posting great things about the things that are going on in their lives. Checking into different places, sharing quotes, posting good news, “feeling” ambitious on Facebook etc. Then when you message them things are not exactly as you thought they were on social media? That is because perception is reality!

It works the other way around. I know when I’m not posting as much it is mostly because I’m busy with new business (which is a good thing).

I point this out to show you how much social media means to the perception of your business as well. Now there are a few professions that don’t need to worry about how they are perceived to thrive in business. Corporate employees might be one of them, might be!

I meet plenty of successful business owners that have built a successful businesses without building a “brand”, website or social media accounts but the only reason why I meet them is because for one reason or another they need it now. Most of the time they wish they started this process earlier, which leaves me at a cross roads.

All I know is in order to jumpstart your business and make a decent living you don’t need to be on social media. You need to make connections, make calls, knock on doors, work on your product. But if on the way you build an inital following and content you will be better off when you are in the second part of your business which is not can I make a living, but how can I thrive and go to the next level. That is where social media and a brand come in 😉