The movie Sing has come out and it has obviously been a big hit! I’ve seen the trailer everywhere. But you know where I haven’t seen it from? Movie Theatres.

You know you a person who does social media for different industries, movie theaters have it so easy (and maybe that’s the problem). But My point is that the movies and titles do ALL the heavy lifting needed to have a successful social media campaign. That includes: branding, content, video (trailer), promotions etc. There are just 2 things you need to do.

  1. Let your audience know that you are showing this movie: This is something most theaters do well. Once a studio releases its trailer on the web, you have to be just as fast to post the premiere dates once you’ve booked that title.
  2. Post the trailer DIRECTLY on the page: Once you book that title you have rights to market it. Therefore, don’t just share the video on the studios Facebook page. Upload the trailer directly on your page in order to do step #3:
  3. Create a boosted post for that trailer: Videos ads always perform best and Facebook pushes them out more frequently. Create a boost to locals in the area letting them know the title is playing in your theatre. 
    1. If you’re promoting an independent film chances are you want to reach a more targeted audience. In this case, include the actors in the “interest” column to target people that love that actor.
  4. Post the direct link to the title: Many theatres post the showtimes page to the website. The more people have to click the less likely they will do it. So post a link to the title page where they just have to choose the time. Also use to track your clicks (very important).
  5. At the end of your caption add “comment below if you’re coming”: We found out people will tag their friends and plan their trip together right in the comments!
  6. (BONUS) Use Facebook pixels to retarget your audience: Facebook pixels is a code you can add to your website that tracks all Facebook users that visit your site. Once you install this you can create another ad for those that have visited the showtimes page for future titles.

Listen, people already want to see that movie and the production company has already made sure everyone knows about the movie. All you have to do is wave your hand and say that you have the movie as well. Why not post the trailer on your Facebook page directly and promote it to a 20-mile radius around your theater? I guarantee you your sales will jump online. Don’t believe me? Own or work at a theater? Make me an admin to your Facebook Page and I will do 2 weeks of marketing for FREE to show you how its done.

It’s so easy and the CRAZY part is that no big theater is doing this so that means there is opportunity here! Same way there was the opportunity in Google AdWords when no one is doing it. Don’t miss your opportunity.  Try posting a trailer!

If you have any questions feel free to email me at:

 Try posting a trailer, put a link to purchase tickets (use so you can track the clicks) and boost it to people in a 20mile radius. See you at Cinecon!