I’ve noticed a trend with unsuccessful campaigns, other marketing companies or people attempting to market online. I had a call with a potential client last night and he asked how many leads will he get the first few weeks? His mentality when it came to anything on the internet was quick and instant. Which leads me to the topic, just because it’s takes one click to put something out in the internet doesn’t it’ll be just as fast to get results. It takes consistency.


The Law Of The Farm

This law is in every aspect of marketing (and even life for that matter). In agriculture it is obvious that to get any kind of crop to grow successfully it will take time and consistent cultivation for anything to bare fruit. But when it comes to marketing, namely online, people dismiss this law all the time.

Imagine planting a seed today, fertilizing it then watering it for an hour. The next few days or weeks you come back frustrated about not seeing any results. How absurd does that sound? Well why do you do the same thing with online marketing? You try posting or create an ad few a few weeks and say “This doesn’t work!” and stop doing it. If you stop watering a plant after a few weeks do you expect it to grow anyway?…I thought so.

People Are Still The Same

People are still the same by nature. Their attention spans may have shorten since the internet but winning them over hasn’t gotten any easier. As a matter of fact it’s now harder to sell today because with the internet and phones people are marketed to 24/7 and their “BS” meters have skyrocketed!

So when you are thinking about marketing online just realize that it will take time. Cultivate your marketing, water it with great content and fertilize your audience. With consistency and time (like a farm) you will start seeing the fruits of your labor!