So we do come across those who are very ambitious about their business and want to get a website going, however maybe the funds aren’t there. Let’s just say if you don’t have around minimum $850 to pay for a web designer there is still a way to make your dreams happen and get that site you wanted.

These are DIY website platforms that are built for people like you and can get you a decent (sometimes more than decent) website to start off with.


This is a good DIY web builder. The thing I like about this one is its 100% front end. What the heck does that mean? It means that when you edit your site you are not looking at a back-end editor. You are looking at your website as your changing it and you see exactly what it’s going to look like. It’s mobile friendly, easy to use and affordable. Well all of these that I mention are lol.

The price for Wix starts off at $5/mo


This one is by far the most popular one today, and if you’re like me and listen to podcasts a lot (I listen to Brilliant Idiots) then you’ve heard of these guys. Like Wix the editor is all front-end as well. What I do like as well is that their templates are really nice. The only negative thing about it is sometimes the customization of the site is restricted to the template you choose. But the e-commerce part is great.

Here is a site I made through Squarespace:

The price for SquareSpace is a little more than Wix at $12/mo if billed annually. 



I personally like this the best. Yes, there is a front-end editor and its mobile friendly. The reason why I personally like this one better is because like Squarespace they have templates however you can alter the template a little more in my opinion and it’s easier to create your own little twist. In my opinion also, the editor is so so easy. I built one of my first sites on this platform so call me bias lol. Oh and you can use Facebook to login so no need to learn ANOTHER username and password. The last thing you want is to get locked out of your own website. Lastly, if you don’t renew your subscription for some reason your site doesn’t go away. Weebly just ads their own footer at the bottom. Cool right!?

Here is a site I built on Weebly (using the pro version):

Weebly starts off a 0$ (that is not a typo)


Yes I said it. This is if you have a few hundred dollars to work with. I would say anywhere between $300-$800. There are people in this world looking for an opportunity to prove themselves. Like me, I did my first website for $300 and someone took a chance with me. Off that site I got another referral and the rest is history! So go on Craigslist, create a “gig”, and post a web design gig and here is the most important part: put the exact amount you have to spend. Be honest from the start, that way the entries you get you know they are ok with that amount for the amount of work you need. Now of course, don’t ask for a Mercedes on a Toyota budget. Please be reasonable.

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