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Many business owners know they need a website. Its just a necessity in today’s world. However it may not always be on the top of your to do list. Hand it over to us and we make make it the first thing on ours!

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Time is the greatest asset for a business owner. Social Media is key to any businesses marketing strategy. Leverage our expertise and have Digital Faces manage your social media presence while you do what you do best.

Graphic Design and Other Services.

Need flyers made, videoes or even tech classes for your company? Ask us know how we can help you in any area involving online marketing.

“If you’re looking for quality work, at great prices believe me you will love the decision you made like I did!”


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Need A Website? Have the Digital Faces Experience.

We aim to create a great website that competes with anyone in the market place, give you full control of your site once it is built and most importantly makes sure our customer service is just as good as the website we create for you. We are the solution in our industry and not only is your site going to be just want you want it to be and more but you are going to enjoy the process.


Graphic Design and Other Services

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Digital Faces is Complete Online Marketing Company

Although Digital Faces is known primarily for web design and social media marketing, we are an online marketing company. Digital Faces is here to create your companies complete online presence as a company. That involves everything from logos to websites to video. Ask us for other services within the online marketing space. A good advantage to having a company you love handling your whole online presence is that it’s easier to create a uniform brand!

  • Virtual Tours 45%
  • Flyers 20%
  • Online Marketing Classes 60%
  • Logos 15%
  • Business Cards 30%
  • Blogging 70%

How do I find effective hashtags for Instagram?

Begin to Brand Yourself Start by creating your own hashtag. For example, #DigitalFaces. There's also two important questions you need to answer: Are you a local business? Or, are you an online/virtual business? If you are a local based business, then research what...

How To Shop for a Web Designer

Start by asking yourself some basic questions: What functions do I want my site to have? What are my must haves? What can I live without? Do I have any content? (Bio, list of services, logo, team info, etc.) If you find yourself struggling to answer those questions,...

Ginos Restaurant

Just finished I got to tell you this was one of the biggest sites of 2016. We had to completely redo the whole site and make sure the menu was intact. But I can say it was a fulfilling process. Especially working with the owner, not only about the...

How We Sold Out A Showing using Facebook And You Can Too

The movie Sing has come out and it has obviously been a big hit! I've seen the trailer everywhere. But you know where I haven't seen it from? Movie Theatres. You know you a person who does social media for different industries, movie theaters have it so easy (and...

Perception is Reality

You ever notice when someone keeps posting great things about the things that are going on in their lives. Checking into different places, sharing quotes, posting good news, "feeling" ambitious on Facebook etc. Then when you message them things are not exactly as you...

The #1 Way To Go Out Of Business In This Digital Age!

I've gotten some great feedback reception from my clients and (to be honest) it's just because I did my job. I did exactly what I said I was going to do. I don't know about you but when I grew up that was the standard, not the exception. When did people start...